Sunday, 21 February 2021

Poe ~ sculpted by ME

 'Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.' ~ JFK

I have always wished I could sculpt. I watched my close friends sculpt these most incredible babies and I swooned over the idea that I could one day do it too.

The moment clay was put into my hands I knew immediately..... I am not a natural talent. It was as foreign to me as having claws for hands with dirt to sculpt and it felt like there was no hope for me. I tried and tried to make something resemble human out of a lump and it just didn't work. 

It reminded me of the feeling of when I draw... if you ask me to draw a tree or a cup or a car from memory, my work looks very child-like. But if I have a picture in front of me and you just give me time, I actually can replicate an image quite well. But nothing on the fly and nothing out of memory.

I was taught to draw a certain way as a child.

And I did need to be taught when it came to sculpting... and there is a story behind my start with clay and my teacher... a story I will forever treasure and will be forever grateful for.

She taught me how to really look at something to recreate it and when the lightbulb finally went on,  I suddenly understood a concept that was so incomprehensible seconds before. My Ah-ha moment felt like pure joy.

I will not say that this made sculpting not hard. My gosh, it is so hard. 

But it did allow me to sculpt Poe.

Poe took me two years to complete. Does that give testament to how difficult I find sculpting? 

I have recorded step by step my work on him here

And with great pleasure and ultimate satisfaction, I give you 


Poe is about 10-11" and will be made into silicone. He has 1/4th arms and full legs.

I don't know yet if I will make him an edition or a kit or even sell him at all....  but I do know, for now, I love him and I feel very blessed to be able to finally get to share him with you.

Saturday, 13 February 2021

All the exciting NEW news!

 I cannot keep up with blogging about all the new and exciting things coming out! It's amazing!!!!! So sorry to all those who follow here regularly but I will try and update now.

First, I have added 4 new phenomenal colors to my Silicone FX by KrisC paint line. GAME CHANGERS!!! (yes I say these two words a lot but its true, lol). These colors are some of my favorites and are a step towards advanced silicone painting.  

Strawberry Kisses ~ beautiful for cheeks, lips, fingertips and toes. Very pink and sweet!
Sappy Green ~ a translucent wash used to neutralize.
Sticky Caramel ~ a translucent wash used to add warmth or neutralize
Toasty Warm ~ a translucent brown wash used to add warmth and depth to your last layers.

Second, The Dainty Loft Molding has hit an incredible milestone! We have molded and poured our FIRST Full Body silicone!!!!

Silicone Gaby
sculpted by Maisa Said. And our 🌷 FIRST FULL BODY SILICONE🌷 This is SUCH A HUGE accomplishment for hubby and I as it took us a while to get it right!!! SO I am OVER THE TOP PLEASED to bring you GABY!!! Also now available at and

Third, I was able to finally be able to fulfill a dream and further my knowledge by taking an Ethnic Skin Tone Class with Christina Whiting. My word, it is a lot of work to develop darker skin tones but I am THRILLED to write that it is worth EVERY SINGLE SECOND! See even after 17 years of painting, there is much much more to learn!!!!
Here is my progress picture (I haven't yet updated this photo with day 5 and 6 which is my last few layers and matte but I will once I do). Already she is just perfect!!!

Fourth, I've written a new blog topic about Why My Silicone Paint Won't Stick. I am hopeful it will help many new and old, lol, silicone painters troubleshoot when problems happen. 

Fifth (told you there was a lot, lol) there is a new Facebook Group called Silicone Doll Kits.
Again it is for silicone painters and collectors to come and share and learn. Its gaining quite a bit of speed so please come and feel welcome with us all!!!

Dare I say that is all,,,,, nah, I know there are a few more things.....  but I will come back when I remember them. I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping happy and healthy.

Friday, 12 February 2021

Cuddle Baby Luxe

I was commissioned to make a Little Luxe Girl and give her a cuddle body.

Wish granted!!!

Here is


Thursday, 11 February 2021

Bear by Izzy Zhao

 Really there is no words for this incredible sculpt! 

But as always, I will find some to share with you, LOL

This is 


The most incredible newborn sculpt by Izzy Zhao and poured in the very softest silicone by Maria Grover.

Just perfection!!!

Here is my version of this breathtaking sculpt. He is already adopted.

(oh and please just keep scrolling as you will also see him with hair)

I gave him an umbilical stump and a really cool tongue!

Sunday, 8 November 2020

Andrew by Maisa Said

 Once in and a while I have a baby on my table the utterly scares me. 

Scares me because it is so real and yet I fear my paint won't do it justice. I feel so inspired and motivated to want to try but tucked in that package is an overwhelming sense of failure. 

This little boy was my moment.

Not only because of how adorable he was but because he was poured in the softest silicone I've ever worked with.  Every brush stroke had to be slowed down because he would move under my brush. And then when I was finished with a spot I had to make sure it wouldn't move when I put it down.

Creating him created a constant anxiety within me.

An anxiety I fed my inspiration with and in the end, I made a most perfect baby.

His colors blended beautifully and his matting is the softest ever. I just stare at this baby with accomplishment and wonder. 

I am very proud to present to you,


(his ebay link: )