Thursday 22 February 2024

Aerith ~ a maybe name for a maybe baby

 I was able to disappear again for 3 weeks to sculpt.  

I am so grateful for these opportunities. It takes me a long time to create with clay and these times allow me undisturbed time.

I was hoping to make a head, hands and feet in this time... however, I only made a head. I just couldnt get it right for a long time.

Possibly a girl... most likely a boy. And I sort of like the name Aerith. 

Anything at this point could change. She may never even make it further than a shelf. What do you think?

Friday 26 January 2024

Asa as a Girl

 Most of the babies I sculpt I see boy. I wonder if it's because I've only given birth to boys. But for some reason by the end, it's always a boy I make.

But lots of painters want to know what they would look like as a girl.

So here is Asa as a she.

Friday 19 January 2024

Asa ~ part 2

 Asa turned out so sweet I wanted to make him into silicone but I have been worried that because his head is quite large people would be shy of the weight and size.

But I still needed to try.

Here he is in silicone. His head is 15"in circumference and weighs 3 pounds. Makes a 22/23-inch baby.