Monday, 6 March 2023

Rin by Kristie Carwithen (lol me)

 When I finished Rin in clay I didn't love him. I mean, I really really liked him but not enough to put effort into making him hands and feet. 

But then when I made him a tummy plate and turned him into silicone, I actually fell in love with him. 

So then I wanted to experiment with the different ways I could make him. 

So...I made THREE Rins, lol.

With the first Rin, I used a Reggie body with his tummy plate. Both head and tummy are in Ecoflex 20. I love this firmness because it allows for the tummy to save its shape and his sculpt is true to the clay. I painted him a slight jaundice color with very little redness. 

I Adore how he turned out!!!

If you want to purchase a blank Rin you can get him here: Rin


Then I wanted to see if I could make a girl. So I made a second one. But this one was in Soft Blend. I opened her mouth and hollowed out inside so that she could take a pacifier. 

I also gave her pretty little eyelashes and a tiny scratch. She is more of a pinky look.

I also tried a completely different body. One that is very detailed and newborn-body-looking. Love this one but I had to tailor it for a silicone head.  But it gave her a big milk belly. Here is where you can get the PATTERN

Because of the softness of silicone, I think her cheeks look more round. Could be my imagination. 



Ok, so after being totally in love with the twins I thought... what if... I actually gave Rin arms and legs???

 So I went to MacPherson Arts and Crafts and got him some silicone limbs that I thought were pretty darn close to his size. 

Rin Three is poured in Soft Blend with an open mouth for a pacifier. I also wanted this one a little more pinky so that I could interchange his tummy plate with the girl if need be.

I dont know whom I love more!!!